Sunday, August 14, 2016

Day 6 (Takayama to Kyoto)

We woke up around 5am to prepare for departure to our next destination, Kyoto. The bus leaves at 7am daily and we didn't want to miss it as the next one is around 2pm+.

We slept along the way as everyone was extremely tired after the past few days of non stop walking. At about 11.30am, we reached Kyoto Station. The first thing we did was to buy the Kyoto City Bus and Kyoto Bus One-Day Pass from the ticketing counter in Kyoto Station.

From the station, we had wanted to take the bus to K's House Backpackers. But due to long queue at the bus stop, we decided to walk there instead. It was about 15 mins. We could not check in till 3pm, so we left our luggages there and headed to Kiyomizu-dera.

Bus Stop

We took bus number 206 and alighted at Kiyomizu-michi bus stop. It was a busy street leading to the temple with many buses and tourists. We walked for about 15 to 20 minutes.

After visiting the temple, we walked down through Sannen-Zaka and Ninen-Zaka, very attractive lanes full of shops selling snacks, souvenirs, and crafts. All the buildings are mad of wood. Pretty amazing, regardless of the huge number of tourists, there is not a single rubbish on the roads.

Free Mochi Sampling


Forgotten the name of this temple 
Wedding ceremony

Day 5 ( Exploring Jingya-Mae and Miyagawa Morning Markets)

The itinerary for today is light and easy. We had planned to visit the famous Jingya-Mae and Miyagawa morning markets.
Along the way , we came across a shop which brews sake. 

We arrived at Jingya-Mae market first. They were mostly farmers selling their home-grown products, like fruits and vegetables. 

Big and juicy apples. I bought around 10 pieces as the price were reasonable.

As the market name, Miyagawa Market is located by Miyagawa River in the centre of the town. It sells more variety of goods compare to Jingya-Mae.

Very cold in the morning

Savouring yummy ice cream in this cold early morning.


Around lunch time we walked to a playground for the kids to play.

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

There were many walking trails on the hills. The kids were very scared at one stage because we accidentally crossed into a trail which was a cemetery area :)

We packed some food from the hypermarket and ate dinner in the hostel pantry
We ended the day early as we had to pack and wake up early the next morning to catch the first bus to Kyoto